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Journal Article
C. Lange, Suppa, P., Pietrzyk, U., Makowski, M. R., Spies, L., Peters, O., and Buchert, R., Prediction of Alzheimer's Dementia in Patients with Amnestic Mild Cognitive Impairment in Clinical Routine: Incremental Value of Biomarkers of Neurodegeneration and Brain Amyloidosis Added Stepwise to Cognitive Status., J Alzheimers Dis, vol. 61, no. 1, pp. 373-388, 2018.
P. Suppa, Hampel, H., Kepp, T., Lange, C., Spies, L., Fiebach, J. B., Dubois, B., and Buchert, R., Performance of Hippocampus Volumetry with FSL-FIRST for Prediction of Alzheimer's Disease Dementia in at Risk Subjects with Amnestic Mild Cognitive Impairment., J Alzheimers Dis, vol. 51, no. 3, pp. 867-73, 2016.
C. Lange, Suppa, P., Frings, L., Brenner, W., Spies, L., and Buchert, R., Optimization of Statistical Single Subject Analysis of Brain FDG PET for the Prognosis of Mild Cognitive Impairment-to-Alzheimer's Disease Conversion., J Alzheimers Dis, vol. 49, no. 4, pp. 945-59, 2016.
E. Cavedo, Suppa, P., Lange, C., Opfer, R., Lista, S., Galluzzi, S., Schwarz, A. J., Spies, L., Buchert, R., and Hampel, H., Fully Automatic MRI-Based Hippocampus Volumetry Using FSL-FIRST: Intra-Scanner Test-Retest Stability, Inter-Field Strength Variability, and Performance as Enrichment Biomarker for Clinical Trials Using Prodromal Target Populations at Risk for Alzheimer's , J Alzheimers Dis, vol. 60, no. 1, pp. 151-164, 2017.
K. Ritter, Lange, C., Weygandt, M., Mäurer, A., Roberts, A., Estrella, M., Suppa, P., Spies, L., Prasad, V., Steffen, I., Apostolova, I., Bittner, D., Gövercin, M., Brenner, W., Mende, C., Peters, O., Seybold, J., Fiebach, J. B., Steinhagen-Thiessen, E., Hampel, H., Haynes, J. - D., and Buchert, R., Combination of Structural MRI and FDG-PET of the Brain Improves Diagnostic Accuracy in Newly Manifested Cognitive Impairment in Geriatric Inpatients., J Alzheimers Dis, vol. 54, no. 4, pp. 1319-1331, 2016.
M. Levy Nogueira, Samri, D., Epelbaum, S., Lista, S., Suppa, P., Spies, L., Hampel, H., Dubois, B., and Teichmann, M., Alzheimer's Disease Diagnosis Relies on a Twofold Clinical-Biological Algorithm: Three Memory Clinic Case Reports., J Alzheimers Dis, vol. 60, no. 2, pp. 577-583, 2017.