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Journal Article
F. J. Wolters, Bos, D., Vernooij, M. W., Franco, O. H., Hofman, A., Koudstaal, P. J., van der Lugt, A., and M Ikram, A., Aortic Valve Calcification and the Risk of dementia: A Population-Based Study., J Alzheimers Dis, vol. 55, no. 3, pp. 893-897, 2017.
S. Frenzel, Bis, J. C., Gudmundsson, E. F., O'Donnell, A., Simino, J., Yaqub, A., Bartz, T. M., Brusselle, G. G. O., Bülow, R., DeCarli, C. S., Ewert, R., Gharib, S. A., Ghosh, S., Gireud-Goss, M., Gottesman, R. F., M Ikram, A., Knopman, D. S., Launer, L. J., London, S. J., Longstreth, W. T., Lopez, O. L., van Lent, D. Melo, O'Connor, G., Satizabal, C. L., Shrestha, S., Sigurdsson, S., Stubbe, B., Talluri, R., Vasan, R. S., Vernooij, M. W., Völzke, H., Wiggins, K. L., Yu, B., Beiser, A. S., Gudnason, V., Mosley, T., Psaty, B. M., Wolters, F. J., Grabe, H. J., and Seshadri, S., Associations of Pulmonary Function with MRI Brain Volumes: A Coordinated Multi-Study Analysis., J Alzheimers Dis, 2022.
R. Wingbermühle, Wen, K. - X., Wolters, F. J., M Ikram, A., and Bos, D., Smoking, APOE Genotype, and Cognitive Decline: The Rotterdam Study., J Alzheimers Dis, vol. 57, no. 4, pp. 1191-1195, 2017.
T. S. Lysen, Wolters, F. J., Luik, A. I., M Ikram, K., Tiemeier, H., and M Ikram, A., Subjective Sleep Quality is not Associated with Incident Dementia: The Rotterdam Study., J Alzheimers Dis, vol. 64, no. 1, pp. 239-247, 2018.
F. J. Wolters, Adams, H. H. H., Bos, D., Licher, S., and M Ikram, A., Three Decades of Dementia Research: Insights from One Small Community of Indomitable Rotterdammers., J Alzheimers Dis, vol. 64, no. s1, pp. S145-S159, 2018.
S. Licher, de Bruijn, R. F. A. G., Wolters, F. J., M Zillikens, C., M Ikram, A., and M Ikram, K., Vitamin D and the Risk of Dementia: The Rotterdam Study., J Alzheimers Dis, vol. 60, no. 3, pp. 989-997, 2017.