An epigenetic blockade of cognitive functions in the neurodegenerating brain.

Gräff J, Rei D, Guan J-S, Wang W-Y, Seo J, Hennig KM, Nieland TJF, Fass DM, Kao PF, Kahn M, et al.
Nature. 2012 Mar 8; 483(7388):222-6. PMID: 22388814. Abstract
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The study conducted by Graff et al., has aroused my strong interest from the time when the role of epigenetics is emerging clearly in the neurodegenerative diseases. The data obtained in this study, based on a correlation between Alzheimer’s disease and epigenetic, in my opinion, represent an important step toward understanding the molecular mechanisms involving cognition, memory and spatial orientation, which may become an easy target both for the study of gene regulation, both for drug therapies