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Samsung Medical Center
Kumamoto University Graduate School of Medical Sciences
Kumamoto, Japan
Areas of Interest:
pathophysiology and novel therapeutics of Alzheimer’s disease, vascular cognitive impairment and stroke, clinical pharmacology, pathophysiology of metabolic syndrome and cardiovascular and renal diseases
Yonsei University
Incheon, South Korea
Areas of Interest:
Drug Discovery for CNS Diseases
Reseach and Development
Hallym University
Anyang-si, South Korea
La Trobe University, Caulfield Hospital
Melbourne, Australia
Areas of Interest:
mild cognitive impairment, prospective memory, clinical neuropsychology
Kyung Hee Medical Center
Seoul, South Korea
Weill Cornell Medical College
White Plains, United States
Areas of Interest:
depression, dementia, Alzheimer's disease, mild cognitive impairment