Members Directory

Kanchana Pandian, MSc
University of Madras
Chennai, India
Areas of Interest:
Amyloid proteins in Alzheimer's Disease, Prion Disease.
Roberta Papa, bachelor degree
IRCCS INRCA Centre for Socio-Economic Research on Ageing, Regional Health Agency Marche Region
Ancona, Italy
Areas of Interest:
Active and Healthy Ageing, informal caregiving, gerontechnology
Peter Panegyres
Neurodegenerative Disorders Research Pty Ltd
Sokratis Papageorgiou, MD PhD
Medical School National and Kapodistrian University of Athens
Harish Pant, PhD
Bethesda, United States
Janne Papma, MSc PhD
Erasmus Medical Center, Alzheimer Center Erasmus MC, Dept. Neurology
Rotterdam, Netherlands
Areas of Interest:
neuropsychiatric symptoms in AD, Cross-cultural dementia care, neuroimaging, fronto temporal dementia
Francesco Panza, MD, PhD
Associate Editor
University of Bari Aldo Moro
Bari, Italy
Areas of Interest:
alcohol consumption, depression, diet, disease-modifying drugs
Miguel Pappolla
University of Texas Medical Branch and Private Practice
Houston, United States
Areas of Interest:
Brain Aging. Pain Medicine