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Journal of Alzheimer's Disease

is an international multidisciplinary journal to facilitate progress in understanding the etiology, pathogenesis, epidemiology, genetics, behavior, treatment and psychology of Alzheimer's disease.


Six-weeks differentiated iPSC-derived neurons, expressing MAP2 (red) and TAU (green), obtained from a familial AD patient with PSEN1 mutation (left), and a healthy individual (right). From Lo Giudice et al., JAD72(3).

Group differences of the fiber tract diffusivity (mode) derived from a large multi-center DTI dataset. Group differences in red to yellow, TBSS fiber tract skeleton in green color projected in MNI standard space. p<0.01, uncorrected for multiple comparisons. From Teipel et al., JAD72(2).

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Fluorescent immunostaining of hippocampal sections of TgAPP mice were injected with lentiviral (lv) plasmids showing USP13 knockdown increases p-tau ubiquitination (F) and reduces p-tau level (C) compared to mock (A,D) and USP13 overexpression (B,E). Liu et al., JAD72(2).

APP770, CatB, Aβ1-42 and Aβ3-42 (green) co-localized with macrophages (CD11b positive, red) in the gingival tissues of chronic periodontitis patients. From Nie & Wu et al., JAD72(2).

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Primary mouse cortical neurons expressing Venus-Tau-Teal, a biosensor for tau unfolding, were treated with amyloid-β (Aβ) oligomers or vehicle for 6 hours, and then were visualized by 2-photon fluorescence lifetime imaging. From Rudenko et al., JAD 71(4).

To clarify the cellular processes that may link TBI to AD development, we investigated the chronic impact of two injury models in tg-ArcSwe mice. Immunostainings revealed increased GFAP-expression (green) and Aβ deposition (red) 24 weeks post-injury. From Zyśk et al., JAD 72(1).

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The 2019 Alzheimer Award goes to Yan-Jiang Wang, MD, PhD and Xian-Le Bu, MD, PhD as co-authors of the winning JAD paper: "Gut Microbiota is Altered in Patients with Alzheimer's Disease." For more information, click the image or go to: 

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