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COVID-19 content in JAD is openly available. Read all content including the editorial by JAD's Editor-in-Chief George Perry, in which he calls out for careful study to determine the numbers of AD patients infected and dying of COVID-19, via:

Off BACE: Fascinating Failures, One with Cognitive Recovery?

by Ron Louie

Worse MMSE and ADAS-cog total score were associated with temporo-parietal volume loss (by MRI) and hypoperfusion (by 123I-IMP SPECT) in AD, demonstrated by multiple regression analyses. MMSE, but not ADAS-cog, was associated with the posterior midline structures. From Hong et al., JAD78(4).

Journal of Alzheimer's Disease

is an international multidisciplinary journal to facilitate progress in understanding the etiology, pathogenesis, epidemiology, genetics, behavior, treatment and psychology of Alzheimer's disease.


Neural activation during item memory encoding assessed with functional MRI (left) and cerebral tau protein accumulation measured using PET with the tracer AV-1451 (right) in patients with mild Alzheimer’s disease. From Richter et al., JAD78(4).

Our latest book, edited by Rudy J. Castellani, covers the relationship between neurodegenerative disease and neurotrauma through traumatic brain injury, and offers targets for therapy. For details & to order, click the image or go to: 

Anti-Aβ antibody Aducanumab regulates the proteome of senile plaques (SP) and closely surrounding tissue regions (SPP-L1 and SPP-L2) in tgAPPPS1-21 mice. Regions were isolated by laser microdissection and analyzed by mass spectrometry analysis. From Bastrup et al., JAD79(1).

The 2020 Alzheimer Award goes to Christin Nance, BA, and Sarah Banks, PhD, as co-authors of the winning JAD paper: "The Pathology of Rapid Cognitive Decline in Clinically Diagnosed AD." For more details, click the image or go to: 

Individual fusion, MRI and [11C]-PiB images of a 49-year-old patient. Increased [11C]-PiB uptake is seen in cortical right prefrontal lobe (white arrows, Z-score value of 3.69). From Ylä-Herttuala et al., JAD79(1).

JAD's open access IRNDP special issue features research from around the globe examining the potential risk factors for dementia. The issue has been compiled by guest editors Kaarin Anstey and Ruth Peters. VIEW CONTENT

Neurofibrillary tangle and tufted astrocytes evidenced with different markers of the tau protein and counterstained with thiazine red dye in a PSP case. From Martínez-Maldonado et al., JAD 79(4).

JAD Reports is our fully open access international, multidisciplinary journal dedicated to providing an open forum for original research that will expedite our fundamental understanding of Alzheimer's disease. View new content

Brain tissues from 5xFAD mice model of Alzheimer’s disease showed that CBD treatment was able to increase the expression of IL-33 (red) in brain, mainly by astrocytes (green). From Khodadadi et al., JAD80(3).

This JAD special issue moves forward the field of "gait & cognition" in neurodegeneration and aging. The issue has been compiled by guest editors Manuel Montero-Odesso and George Perry. VIEW CONTENT

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