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Journal of Alzheimer's Disease

is an international multidisciplinary journal to facilitate progress in understanding the etiology, pathogenesis, epidemiology, genetics, behavior, treatment and psychology of Alzheimer's disease.


Now available: JAD CME! Fully ACCME accredited for US & Canadian physicians, this series of CME articles launches with 10 JAD articles plus corresponding post-tests (1.0 AMA PRA Category 1 Credit™ each). In partnership with the ACEA. LEARN MORE

Differentiation of neural stem cells directly reprogrammed from the elderly sporadic Alzheimer’s disease dermal fibroblasts into neurons (A), astrocytes (B), and oligodendrocytes (C) as indicated by neural cell marker stainings after differentiation. From Liu and Wang, JAD73(3).

Vascular leakage detected in retina sections of 6 month old B6.APBTg compared to control B6 mice by confocal imaging. Chintapaludi et al., JAD73(4).

JAD's open access IRNDP special issue features research from around the globe examining the potential risk factors for dementia. The issue has been compiled by guest editors Kaarin Anstey and Ruth Peters. VIEW CONTENT

Our latest book looks to the future of AD research. The editors comment: "Now is the most exciting period of a generation in our field, as old dogma makes way for new insight." For details & to order, click the image or go to:

Amyloid plaque pathogenesis was investigated in the context of BBB leakage using co-administered AD sera IgG and Aβ42. Spatial and temporal relationships were explored by probing endocytic machinery to detail autoantibody-induced Aβ42 internalization. From Goldwaser et al., JAD74(1)

The levels of GFAP and cleaved caspase3 (CC3) in p25Tg were higher than that in WT mice. Intracerebroventricular infusion of AAV9-CIP reduced the levels of GFAP and CC3 in p25Tg mice. From Huang et al., JAD74(4).

JAD Reports is our fully open access international, multidisciplinary journal dedicated to providing an open forum for original research that will expedite our fundamental understanding of Alzheimer's disease. View new content

The 2019 Alzheimer Award goes to Yan-Jiang Wang, MD, PhD and Xian-Le Bu, MD, PhD as co-authors of the winning JAD paper: "Gut Microbiota is Altered in Patients with Alzheimer's Disease." For more information, click the image or go to: 

This JAD special issue moves forward the field of "gait & cognition" in neurodegeneration and aging. The issue has been compiled by guest editors Manuel Montero-Odesso and George Perry. VIEW CONTENT

Transplanted GFP+ interneuron progenitors differentiated into GAD67+ or PV+ interneurons two months after transplantation. From Lu et al., JAD75(1).

Exosomes and GVD: A) Increased size and density of Flotillin-1-immunoreactive vesicles. B) Co-imunofluorescence labeling of Flotillin-1 with CK1d-immunoreactive GVBs and with pTau. Subicular neurons. Scale bars: 15 µm. From Yamoah et al., JAD75(1).

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