Top 100

The “Top 100” extension to the JAD Website is a response to the large amount of interest generated by the paper appearing in the March 2009 issue of JAD entitled Alzheimer's Disease Research: Scientific Productivity and Impact of the Top 100 Investigators in the Field. The main goal of these pages is that of providing visitors with an interactive environment to explore the rankings themselves as well as the research profiles of those scientists named in the rankings. The underlying data used in the rankings are those from the original paper and are not, therefore, necessarily an accurate snapshot of the numbers attributable to each investigator today. The data do, however, represent an overall picture of the field from 1985 through 2008, and from this quarter-of-a-century vantage point, it is unlikely that an update of all numbers would change the rankings in any significant way. It has been suggested that perhaps a shorter term analysis (e.g., only considering papers over the last five years) or alternatively an analysis which includes papers that do not explicitly mention AD but do discuss related areas (e.g., amyloid, senile plaque, etc.) be conducted to supplement the 2009 article. While the editorial board welcomes the submission of any and all comments regarding these pages or the original paper, perhaps even more importantly, they encourage the submission of any original Alzheimer’s scientometric manuscripts to the journal.