Alzheimer and Type 2 Diabetes: A New Step Toward Prevention

1 December 2005

“The two pathologies share biological risk factors” based on research conducted by the Neurosciences Department of the University of Genoa investigating cases of degenerative pathologies. These studies were directed by Dr. Massimo Tabaton, neurologist, who has dedicated over 20 years researching Alzheimer disease.

Tabaton discovered that “Plasma levels of insulin and amyloid beta 42 are correlated in patients with amnestic Mild Cognitive Impairment." The results of this study will be published by the international Journal of Alzheimer's Disease (IOS Press).

The study, comparing the damage caused by the accumulation of two peptides, insulin and amyloid-beta 42, in the human metabolic system, in the case of diabetes, and in the cerebral system, in the case of Alzheimer, promises to yield important results in the prevention of this disease.

“This is an important confirmation," says Dr. Tabaton. "There are already experimental therapies regarding the first phase, focusing to reduce the production of amyloid-beta”.

Contact: Elisabetta Tomasinelli
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