Groundbreaking Ecosystem Map Reveals Innovative Collaborations, Care Pathways, and Technologies for Dementia

6 July 2024

Dementia Ideal Care Map

A new Journal of Alzheimer's Disease article unveils an innovative tool demonstrating how key sectors and technologies can positively impact people living with dementia. The article, "Dementia Ideal Care: Ecosystem Map of Best Practices and Care Pathways Enhanced by Technology and Community" provides a visual summary of dementia best practices from around the world in one compact tool for everyone in the dementia ecosystem—including people living with dementia; their family, friends, and communities; policymakers, employers, health system leaders, clinicians, social services providers, educators; researchers, technology entrepreneurs, and investors. This global resource is a collaborative effort by an international group of thought leaders led by Dr. Wen Dombrowski, MD, MBA—principal of CATALAIZE and adjunct assistant clinical professor at USC Leonard Davis School of Gerontology.

According to Dombrowski, "By organizing previously separate best practices into one diagram, what we've done is show how important it is for everyone in the dementia ecosystem to work together, so that people living with dementia and their families are not struggling alone, nor are the responsibilities for timely diagnosis and treatment resting solely on dementia specialist physicians."

The Dementia Ideal Care Map is unique from other dementia resources as one comprehensive map encompassing:

  • The whole ecosystem of relevant groups
  • The life course journey from childhood, risk reduction, public awareness, community-based supports, and innovative care pathways for timely diagnosis and medical treatments involving community partners and Virtual Brain Health Clinics;
  • The role of policy, funding, research, training, health system readiness, and other infrastructure;
  • And nearly 100 technology solutions, including AI, recommendation engines, sensors, remote monitoring, telehealth, data infrastructure, digital biomarkers and digital health tools.

"The Dementia Ideal Care Map identifies hundreds of intersecting opportunities to strengthen clinical and non-clinical supports. It offers substantial and achievable ways to overcome health system capacity challenges, advance health justice, and improve quality of life for and with all who are affected by dementia." says co-author and LEAD Coalition executive director Ian Kremer.

The Dementia Ideal Care Map serves as a roadmap for planning and coordinating the broad dementia ecosystem.

"This map sets us on the path towards a greater chance of success in creating effective plans centered on people living with dementia," says co-author Teepa Snow, founder of Positive Approach to Care®.

In addition to guiding governments and organizations in policy development, capacity building, service planning, and multi-group collaboration, the Dementia Ideal Care Map helps affected family and friends navigate this complex condition.

"Often there are overwhelming feelings and uncertainties when someone is told your loved one or you have dementia. This journey map provides an overview of steps that can be taken to travel on this journey with greater understanding," says co-author Jennie Chin Hansen, the immediate past CEO of the American Geriatrics Society and a past president of AARP.

View the Dementia Ideal Care Map and accompanying commentary at

Dombrowski W, Mims A, Kremer I, Cano Desandes P, Rodrigo-Herrero S, Epps F, Snow T, Gutierrez M, Nasta A, Epperly MB, Manaloto K, Hansen JC (2024) Dementia Ideal Care: Ecosystem Map of Best Practices and Care Pathways Enhanced by Technology and Community. Journal of Alzheimer's Disease 100(1) 87–117.
DOI 10.3233/JAD-231491

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