New Study Finds Health Care Costs Associated with Vascular Dementia are Higher than Alzheimer's Disease

12 September 2005

NEW YORK CITY , NY – The most comprehensive health economics study of vascular dementia in the U.S. has found that patients with vascular dementia living in the community have substantially higher healthcare utilization and costs than patients with Alzheimer's disease. Vascular dementia is the second most common cause of dementia after neurodegenerative Alzheimer's disease, and is most often the result of strokes.

The findings demonstrate the unique clinical, societal and economic importance of vascular dementia, and indicate that improving ambulatory care for vascular dementia patients could prevent unnecessary hospitalizations.

“This study reinforces the value of early recognition and control of cardiovascular risks associated with vascular dementia,” said Howard Fillit, MD, executive director of the Institute for the Study of Aging. “It is critical that the health community recognize that dementia is a common and clinically important consequence of stroke. By managing risk factors, early recognition and diagnosis, and better care management, much can be done to reduce the incidence of vascular dementia, improve quality of care and reduce the costs associated with it.“

The study included 20,098 community-dwelling Medicare members of HIP Health Plan of New York. Key findings were that annual costs per patient for vascular dementia at $14,387 were substantially higher than persons with stroke and no dementia at $8,254, Alzheimer's disease at $7,839, or non-demented patients without stroke at $5,494. While the study reports that total health care costs for vascular dementia patients were higher primarily due to higher hospital costs, it also reports that their costs for physician visits and prescription drugs were lower than other study groups.

An article on this new study can be found in the Journal of Alzheimer's Disease, Volume 8, Issue 1, published by IOS Press on September 7, 2005. This project was a collaborative effort of the Institute for the Study of Aging, Pfizer, Inc. and HIP Health Plan of New York. For more information regarding this study, contact ISOA Executive Director Howard Fillit, MD at 212-935-2402.

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