Effect size analyses of Souvenaid in patients with Alzheimer’s disease

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David A. Bennett, Paulo Henrique Bertolucci, Rafael Blesa, Jeffrey Cummings, John Harrison, Ian G. McKeith, Kenneth Rockwood, Philip Scheltens, Raj C. Shah, Wouter Wijker, David Wilkinson


David A. Bennett

  • Consulting Fees:
    Served as a co-United States Principal Investigator for the S-Connect study conducted by Nutricia Research; also served as a paid consultant to Nutricia to conduct independent analyses of S-Connect and Souvenir II studies, I serve on an adjudication committee for a clinical trial sponsored by Takeda, Inc.
    Lecture Fees:
    Nutricia funded a presentation to the XXV Brazil Neurological Congress. Goiania, Brazil. August 7, 2012.

Paulo Henrique Bertolucci

  • Consulting Fees:
    consultant - Novartis - per consultancy basis consultant - Support - per consultancy basis
    Lecture Fees:
    Novartis - Educational Program in Alzheimer Disease Support - Educational Program in Dementia and Nutrition

Rafael Blesa

  • Consulting Fees:
    Novartis, Janssen-Cilag, Lundbeck, Nutricia
    Lecture Fees:
    Novartis, Nutricia

Jeffrey Cummings

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    Dr. Cummings has provided consultation to Abbvie, Acadia, Accera, Actinogen, ADAMAS, Alkahest, Alzheon, Anavex, Astellas, Astra Zeneca, Avanir, Axovant, Biogen-Idec, Biotie, Boehinger-Ingelheim, Chase, Eisai, Forum, GE Healthcare, Genentech, Grifols, Intracellular Therapies, IRIS, Ionis Pharmaceuticals, Lilly, Lundbeck, MedAvante, Merck, Neurotrope, Novartis, Nutricia, Otsuka, Pfizer, Probiodrug, QR Pharma, Resverlogix, Roche, Servier, Sunovion, Suven, Takeda, Toyoma, Transition Therapeutics, and United Neuroscience.
    Dr. Cummings owns stock in ADAMAS, Prana, Sonexa, MedAvante, Neurotrax, and Neurokos.
    Dr. Cummings owns the copyright of the Neuropsychiatric Inventory (NPI)
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John Harrison

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    I have received consulting fees and and/or advisory board payments from the following companies and organisations in the past 2 years: AbbVie; Access to Quality; Amgen; Anavex; AstraZeneca; Avonex; Avraham; Axon; Axovant; Biogen Idec; Boehringer Ingelheim; Bracket; Catenion; CRF Health; DeNDRoN; Eisai; Eli Lilly; EnVivo Pharma; Enzymotec; ePharmaSolutions; Forum Pharma; GfHEu; Heptares; Janssen AI; Johnson & Johnson; Kaasa Health; Kyowa Hakko Kirin; Lundbeck; MedAvante; Merck; Mind Agilis; MyCognition; Neurim; Neurocog; Neurotrack; Novartis; Nutricia; Orion Pharma; Pfizer; Pharmanet/i3; Prana Biotech; PriceSpective; Probiodrug; Prophase; Prostrakan; Regeneron; Reviva; Roche; Sanofi; Servier; Shire; Takeda; TransTech Pharma and Velacor.
    Stock options in Neurotrack and a 50% share holding in Metis Cognition Ltd.
    Lecture Fees:
    Lundbeck, Medscape, Nutricia & Janssen.
    Patent for MyCognition technology. I receive royalties from Blackwell Scientific and Oxford University Press.

Ian G. McKeith

  • Consulting Fees:
    I chaired one advisory board for Nutricia in 2015 I consult with GE Heathcare, Takeda and with Axovant Sciences about DLB
    Lecture Fees:
    I have received lecture fees from GE Healthcare and Axovant Sciences

Kenneth Rockwood

  • Equity:
    DGI Clinical

Philip Scheltens

  • Consulting Fees:
    Dr Scheltens has acquired grant support (for the institution) from GE Healthcare, Danone Research, Piramal and MERCK. In the past 2 years he has received consultancy/speaker fees (paid to the institution) from Lilly, GE Healthcare, Novartis, Sanofi, Nutricia, Probiodrug, Biogen, Roche and EIP Pharma.

Raj C. Shah

  • Nothing to Disclose

Wouter Wijker

  • Patents/Royalties
    I work for a CRO (contract research organization), as such we conduct clinical research by commercial sponsors

David Wilkinson

  • Consulting Fees:
    £500, plus travel and accomodation expenses for attending Nutricia Advisory board in March 2016 I am now fully retired.