Homocysteine and dementia: an international consensus statement

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Teodoro Bottiglieri, Michael F. Fenech, Babak Hooshmand, Andrew McCaddon, Joshua W. Miller, Rima Obeid, Helga Refsum, Irwin H. Rosenberg, A. David Smith


Teodoro Bottiglieri

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    Paid advisory board member for Merck
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    Received lecture fees from Gnosis S.p.A.

Michael F. Fenech

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    Expert Panel member of research foundations. $US1000-$US5,000
    Lecture Fees:
    Invited lectures on micronutrients for DNA damage prevention. $US1,000-$US5,000.
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      Dairy Research Council USA

Babak Hooshmand

  • Nothing to Disclose

Andrew McCaddon

  • Equity:
    Shareholder of COBALZ Limited, a private limited company developing novel B vitamin supplements.
    Inventor of US patent 7,709,460 "Method for treating or preventing a functional vitamin B12 deficiency in an individual and medical compositions for use in said method," and in receipt of royalties from its license to Alfa-Sigma.

Joshua W. Miller

  • Nothing to Disclose

Rima Obeid

  • Lecture Fees:
    lecture fees Synlab GmbH (1000 Euro)

Helga Refsum

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    I consult for Merck Selbstmedikation GmbH, Darmstadt
    I am named as inventor on patent US9364497B2 and on a patent application pending PCT/GB2015/050786

Irwin H. Rosenberg

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    13,000 shares in AC Immune

A. David Smith

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    Dr Smith consults for Merck Selbstmedikation GmbH and in the past for Nestle Health Sciences
    Lecture Fees:
    A single KeyNote lecture in Melbourne on Nutrition and Alzheimer's disease for Swisse
    Dr Smith is named as inventor on patents US6008221, US6127370 and US9364497B2 and on a patent application pending PCT/GB2015/050786