Precision Medicine Approach to Alzheimer’s Disease: Successful Pilot Project

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Mouna Attarha, Alan Boyd, Dale E. Bredesen, Henrianna Chung, Won Jong Chwa, Deborah Gordon, Ann Hathaway, Sharon Hausman-Cohen, Benjamin D. Hill, Michael Jarrett, Cyrus A. Raji, Kat Toups


Mouna Attarha

  • Equity:
    Dr. Mouna Attarha is an employee and senior research scientist at Posit Science, the company that developed BrainHQ. She is a shareholder of Posit Science stock.

Alan Boyd

  • Nothing to Disclose

Dale E. Bredesen

  • Consulting Fees:
    Consulting fees from Life Seasons ($10,000 per month) and Apollo Health ($10,000 per month).
    Equity in Apollo Health (no current value).

Henrianna Chung

  • Nothing to Disclose

Won Jong Chwa

  • Nothing to Disclose

Deborah Gordon

  • Nothing to Disclose

Ann Hathaway

  • Nothing to Disclose

Sharon Hausman-Cohen

  • Sponsors:
    Medical Director of IntellxxDNA which was the genomics platform used in the study. We did not sponsor the study but did provide the genomics at a discount.

Benjamin D. Hill

  • Nothing to Disclose

Michael Jarrett

  • Equity:
    I own the equity of the company that provided data management services and support for study operations for this study. I own other equities in my personal portfolio, but none that pertain to the execution of this study.

Cyrus A. Raji

  • Consulting Fees:
    Brainreader ApS, Apollo Health, PNI Foundation.
    Neurevolution LLC

Kat Toups

  • Lecture Fees:
    BioBotanical Research - $1000 - speaking 2021