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Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile
Associate Editor
University of Sharjah
Melbourne, Australia
Areas of Interest:
Health service research, adherence, patient-contentedness, implementation research
Applied Brain Research Foundation of Ohio
Cleveland, United States
Areas of Interest:
dementia, Alzheimer's disease, TBI
Department of Drug Sciences, Pharmacology Section, University of Pavia, Pavia - Italy
Pavia, Italy
Areas of Interest:
neurodegeneration, aging, oxidative stress, retinal diseases
Serviço de Neurologia do Hospital de Egas Moniz, CEDOC, New Medical School
Lisboa, Portugal
Areas of Interest:
mild cognitive impairment, conversion, social risk and protective factors, relevant life events
Institute of Translational Pharmacology, European Brain Research Institute
Rome, Italy
Areas of Interest:
Alzheimer’s disease, amyloid, mitochondria, neurodegeneration
Associate Editor
University of Sao Paulo Medical School
Sao Paulo, Brazil
Areas of Interest:
Alzheimer's disease, cardiovascular risk factors, functional activities, mild cognitive impairment
University of Kentucky
Lexington, United States
Areas of Interest:
angiogenesis, capillary density, neuroangiogenesis, senile dementia