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Yasuharu Tabara, PhD
Kyoto University Graduate School of Medicine
Areas of Interest:
Epidemiology and biomarkers of Alzheimer's disease;
Maturin Tabue-Teguo, MD. PhD
Université des Antilles
Guadeloupe, France
Areas of Interest:
Epidemiological approach of geriatric syndrome (frailty, dementia, social vulerability...)
Massimo Tabaton, MD
Deputy Editor
University of Genova
Genova, Italy
Areas of Interest:
amyloid-beta, APP processing, beta-secretase, markers: FTD
Christian Tackenberg, PhD
University of Zurich
Takeshi Tabira, MD, PhD
Graduate School of Medicine, Juntendo University
Areas of Interest:
Neurology, Neuroimmunology, Alzheimer disease, immunotherapy
Changiz Taghibiglou, PharmD/PhD
Dept. Pharmacology, College of Medicine, University of Saskatchewan
Saskatoon, Canada
Areas of Interest:
Excitotoxicity-induced neuronal apoptosis in stroke and neurodegenerative diseases, Traumatic Brain Injury and Concussion, Neurobiology of Lipids, Lipid rafts and neuronal receptor signaling and trafficking
Hajime Tabuchi, M.D. Ph.D.
Keio University School of Medicine
Areas of Interest:
geriatirc psychiatry, neuropsychology
Giulio Taglialatela,
University of Texas Medical Branch