Members Directory

Francisco Garcia-Sierra, PhD
Department of Cell Biology, Center of Research and Advanced studies of the National Polytechnic Institute
Mexico City, Mexico
Areas of Interest:
Alzheimer basic research, cell and molecular biology of neurodegenerative diseases, confocal microscopy, neuropathology
Brett Garner, Prof.
Associate Editor
University of Wollongong
Areas of Interest:
aging, Alzheimer's disease, apolipoprotein structure and function, ATP-binding cassette transporter function in the brain
Margherita Gardinetti
1. Department of Neurology
Antoine Garnier-Crussard,
Hospices civils de Lyon
Areas of Interest:
Alzeimer's Disease, white matter hyperintensities, Aging and Cognition; Dementia; Neuropsychology
Pietro Gareri, MD, PhD
Director Center for Cognitive Disorders, Distretto socio-sanitario di Catanzaro Lido, ASP Catanzaro
Catanzaro, Italy
Areas of Interest:
behavioral disorders, cognitive disorders, comorbidities, dementia
Peter Garrard, PhD, FRCP
St George's University of London
London, United Kingdom
Areas of Interest:
frontotemporal dementia, language, machine learning, progressive aphasia
Luciane Gargaglioni, PhD
Sao Paulo State University
Jaboticabaç, Brazil
Areas of Interest:
Breathing, locus coeruleus, hypercapnia, hypoxia
Josep Garre-Olmo, PhD
Associate Editor
Girona Biomedical Research Institute [IDIBGI], Institut d'Assistència Sanitària, University of Girona
Girona, Spain
Areas of Interest:
aging, Alzheimer's disease, epidemiology, dementia registries