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Qing-Guo Ren, Ph.D.
Department of Neuropsychiatry, Affiliated ZhongDa Hospital, School of Medicine, Southeast University
Nanjing, China
Areas of Interest:
Alzheimer treatment and prevention, tau, depression, aging
Alaine Reschke-Hernandez, Ph.D
University of Kentucky
Lexington, United States
Areas of Interest:
music therapy, Music and dementia, emotion, memory
Zhixia Ren
Department of Neurology, People’s Hospital of Zhengzhou University
Zhengzhou, China
Aaron Reuben, MEM
Duke University
Durham, United States
Areas of Interest:
environmental health, cognitive assessment, toxic exposures, Alzheimer's
William Renehan, PhD
University of Rhode Island
Kingston, United States
Areas of Interest:
epigenetic, microRNAs/miRNAs, Alzheimer disease
Elizabeth Rhea,
Associate Editor
VA Puget Sound Health Care System, University of Washington
Seattle, United States
Areas of Interest:
blood brain barrier, Brain insulin signaling
Giuseppe Rengo, MD, PhD
University of Naples Federico II - Department of Translational Medical Sciences
Naples, Italy
Areas of Interest:
aging, Alzheimer’s disease, beta-adrenergic receptor, biomarker
Sandy Jeong Rhie
College of Pharmacy, Ewha Womans University